Weekly Photo Wunderbar.

It’s that time of the week again! (The time where you’re forcibly exposed to my amateur photography skills, that is.) This one is from about a week or so ago of a freshly hatched Barn Swallow. You can see the baby’s eyes are still unopened, and he’s mostly naked save for that stellar downy mohawk. Also, that awesome nest he’s in is made in a special way. Mom and dad collect mud pellets in their beaks and essentially glue the nest together on a porous surface. They incorporate things like horse hair and larger birds’ feathers and end up with a beautiful little mud bowl.


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  1. That is the cutest little birdie I’ve ever sen! Look at that head fluff!

    Love your site as well! It’s right up my alley as you can probably tell.

    Hey I was wondering if you might know how to increase the size of my posting area since your template looks similar to mine. That would be really cool if you could help me out! Otherwise thank you anyways and happy blogging!

    I’ll be sure to read your site from now on.

    Meet new creatures daily.

  2. Thanks Carly! :) I’m glad to have you following along. Unfortunately I know nothing about templates – I found this one on WordPress and liked it, so it just happened to work out. It’s called SpringLoaded, if that helps!

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