Have You Gotten Your Overload of Ugly Today?

If you haven’t been to Ugly Overload yet, you are seriously not having as good of a day as you could be. And who would intentionally choose to have a crappier day?

Ugly Overload features photos and [hilarious] commentary on animals that are, uh, well, not like those you find at ZooBorns. By that I mean they’re not typically cutesy, cuddly, fluffy, and otherwise goo-worthy, like a red panda cub cuddling with a stuffed raccoon, for example.

That is, of course, unless you’re like me, a giant nature geek that has a special place in her heart for maligned, hated, and otherwise hideous creatures with big, sharp, pointy teeth. So you can imagine how animals like a bearded gazelle, aquatic cave salamanders, and naked mole rats just make my day even better. (Okay, I’m actually not the world’s biggest fan of naked mole rats, but nobody’s perfect.)

Wombat of the Animals Behaving Badly blog (another awesome must-see) moderates Ugly Overload and has a wit that makes me laugh out loud when I’m pretending to be doing real research here at the office. You know why else I love Ugly Overload? Because Ugly Overload celebrated International Vulture Awareness Day with a series of great vulture portraits, and I freaking LOVE vultures. Ugly Overload has been around since 2005, so there’s plenty of archived goodness to thumb through.

I could go on. Please go to this blog if you haven’t already. Subscribe, bookmark, whatever, but go and love all those ugly-ass critters out there. (I’m sure many of them look at us hairless primates and crinkle their little faces in disgust too. Well except maybe for this guy, I don’t think he can crinkle his face.)


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  1. Michelle Yacullo

    I love that mouse. It’s too true that we only give kisses to the celebrated traditional beauty aesthetic. These guys make me want to give all of us non-traditional beauties out there a special hug and kiss. Good reminder RNT!

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