{Book Review} Whatever You Do, Don’t Run by Peter Allison

This is a review for both of Peter Allison’s books, because they’re both hilarious and there’s no reason to review one without the other. His books are called Whatever You Do, Don’t Run, and Don’t Look Behind You.

Allison has been an African safari guide for more than a decade and has a serious knack for story-telling. After living in and out of Africa for that long he’s got plenty of stories about large, dangerous predators – and about other African regularities, like getting vehicles stuck in the mud. Allison is totally self-deprecating, making no qualms about his shortcomings as a safari guide, but his story-telling reveals his passion for the lands, peoples, and animals of the African continent. Allison wakes up to lions in his tent, makes a sorry attempt at stealing an elephant’s butt hair, and gains the nickname Lehututu, “Horned Bill.” (You’ll have to read the first book to find out why.)

The main reason that I love this guy so much is because I literally laugh out loud at least once each chapter. An author with a writing style that can make an unsuspecting reader rip out a belly laugh gets an A+ in my book any day, especially when you can really tell how much he cares about the wildlife around him. You might not have the same experience I did, but it’s totally worth finding out. On top of the funny, you’ll learn a great deal about African wildlife from a firsthand perspective, which I always prefer to more formal literature.

PS – Apparently Peter Allison has a blog now.


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