Weekly Photo Wunderbar

Hello friends. You can tell I’m stuck on summer (even as the heat comes on in the house above my head) because I refuse to get outside and take photos of autumn-type things, but maybe that will be this week’s task… le sigh. Oh, how I hate to see summer go!

Here’s some lupine leaves from my garden – I planted a 1 gallon plant that was maybe 12 inches tall. In one season it grew to about 5 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. I’ve never seen a lupine (or any other plant that isn’t a noxious weed) explode like that, but I guess it liked the spot where it was growing. They have some of the most beautiful leaves in the plant kingdom (imo) and it somehow managed to keep its leaves all winter, despite the fact that I’m almost positive the species I have is not evergreen. Ah, lupine. What an awesome, poisonous plant you be!


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  1. Lovely lupine, lushly spreading! Just wanted to say thanks for the tweet and the words that went with it! You’re a star….happy roamings.

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