Rainbow cake.

I like rainbows.

They give me this childish sense of hope, because they always appear after a big tumultuous storm, which is all windy and loud and lightning-y and sometimes scary. So it’s like Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Hey, I know stuff’s all crazy right now, but when it’s over, a beam of pure joy featuring all seven colors will come shooting out of the sky and things will be better.”

Or something.

So I was going to post a bunch of photos of rainbows because I’m needing a little sunshine and, well, rainbows are natural and therefore fit into this blog’s general theme. And I will still do that at some point. However, my search for rainbow photos brought to mind something else that I really love.


I. Love. Cake. Seriously, I love it. I love cake so much, in fact, that I knew my best friend and I were destined to be soulmates because she loves the actual cake but doesn’t like icing, and the icing is my favorite part with or without the cake. So at parties, we’d take apart our respective cakes and trade parts. It was a symbiosis made in heaven. (In fact, we reenacted this very ritual just last week while I was visiting home. I know what you’re thinking and no, I don’t have diabetes. I hope.) Birthday cake, cheesecake, brownie cake, CAKE CAKE CAKE I LOVE CAKE.

Okay, I’m a little embarassed that I shared that with you, but my point is that what I just discovered is that the only thing better than rainbows and cake individually is


Rainbow cake via, wait for it, Omnomicon.com! YES!


LOOK AT THAT CAKE! In the pan! It’s so beautiful! It’s, it’s.. there aren’t words. I know this has nothing to do with nature. I hear you. Stop yelling. But LOOK AT IT.

Please go to this site and look at the other beautiful photos of rainbow cake, and then please make me one and send it to me in the mail, and you will have a best friend for life. Or at least as long as you keep sending me rainbow cakes.


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  1. Hi,
    OMG that looks divine. That is one beautiful looking cake, I have never seen colors so bright on a cake, I would love to be able to make something like that, no exactly like that.

  2. There is nothing wrong with cake or rainbows. Together, how could anyone resist????

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