How You Got Fooled into Drinking Bottled Water.

Like many things in American society, bottled water has become a symbol of two things: how easy it is to brainwash our people, and how our society completely disregards its basic necessities to make an easy buck.

Bottled water is a campaign to make money based on false information and fear. I learned so much from this little video – kudos to those who put it together! A billion people on the planet don’t have access to clean water, and did you know that a portion of our thrown-out plastic bottles ends up polluting other countries? Rude.

If you live in an area with tap water that has questionable quality or taste (I speak from experience, my homecity’s water tastes like straight up chlorine), consider investing in a faucet purifier. That way you can use a refillable bottle and get filtered water right out of the tap!


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  1. Hi,
    I totally agree with you on the bottled water issue, they are certainly making a lot of money out of it, and in the end that is what it is all about I feel, nothing else, just money.

  2. I get the bottles sometimes, but reuse them. A gatorade bottle can go through the dishwasher just fine, and it makes it easy for me to load up the truck with 20 bottles of frozen tap water as I’m heading out for the weekend.

    Our tap water doesn’t taste good :( I get cheap packets of crystal light and add just a tiny bit, which seems to neutralize the flavor without making it taste like gross koolaid.

    • Gatorade bottles are definitely a hardy bunch, and I love the Crystal Light idea! One day I want to have a rain-harvesting purification system for drinking water. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Well except for acid rain. Then it would suck.

  3. Great! My workplace has strongly encouraged its employees to stop providing bottled water as an option for boardroom meetings. I am a big fan of david Suzuki and have read many of his books and watched most of his programs when i was growing up (and had a tv)…

    I agree with hi when he “Not only does bottled water lead to unbelievable pollution — with old bottles lying all over the place — but plastic has chemicals in it,” he said.

    “Plastics are ubiquitous. I don’t believe that plastics are not involved in a great deal of the health problems that we face today.”

    So it just makes sense…not just plastic water bottles, but plastic surrounding anything we consume, or that we are near to as it off-gases.

    It’s not as convenient for us, but it is better – for everyone!

  4. I happen to live in an area where the bottle water. The funny thing is that Portland, Maine gets its water from virtually the same source as the bottling plant and still the water sells. I am fortunate enough to have decent tap water that smells and tastes fine. And, if it gets a bit of chlorine smell every once in a while, I filter it.

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